A n Angel with a watering can sprinkled the dry seeds
N ow seeing beauty in those buds the world perceived as weeds.

A nd so she touched them with her love © for she had grace to know . . . That
N urturing the little buds  © encouraged them to grow.
G iving them their sturdy roots © they soared up to the sky ©
E ach flower spread it's beauty © like the wings as eagles fly.
L ovely flowers covered all the meadows as they grew
S o blessing all who gathered them in God's bouquet for you. ©

L ike a chain of love where every link is just one part ©
O f all life's sweet emotion that's connected to the heart.
V aluing each individual link for it's own strength . . .
I t takes each link to make the chain to stretch to it's full length.
N ow that Angel dreamed on © as she watched the buds unfurled. For
G od's will is to stretch His chain of love around the world! ©
T he Angel's hand was blessed and guided as the world would see . . .
O pening a brand new door to God's Calligraphy. © An
U nderstanding of His words through messages He brings. To
C all His flock together and to love all living things. ©

H eaven sent an Angel down © She's given us so much!
                And now so many blessings come from
                                     Just one

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      *original poetry by : Jill Fantin ã