Where my passion for inspiring words and my hobby of Calligraphy has turned into a business! . . .
is proud to introduce the Calligraphy talents of
Margie Starke
and the original gifts of poetry
by Margie Starke   ©
© and Jill Fantin   ©



It's been nearly 10 Years since I first launched this site. It was mainly used as a reference for my customers who were familiar with my artwork. 10 Years ago . . . half of my customers did not even know how to get online!!!! Well . . . we've come a long way! Now, most of my customers DO know how to get online and also . . . I'm now connecting with people who's found me online and who aren't familiar with my artwork . . . so I'm working real hard on updating this site with all of  the new pieces I've created in these past 10 years. It's been an exhausting year. My kids are nearly grown and only our youngest is left at home and leaving for college next year. Also, I've been trying to spend time with my Father who is suffering from short term memory loss. Every day is a gift so i try to treat it like that!!! I'm thankful that he and my Mom are close and that my Mom has the strength to care for him.
 We are hanging in there and struggling through these economic challenges as are many of you. Also, this past year, I had 2 surgeries and just decided to take care of myself and my health so thanks to
Richard Crookes, I've learned to transform my existing artwork!  I've used my time well by scanning in my existing artwork, then digitally enhancing each piece and the results are amazing!  It's also a  good time to do some badly needed work on this web site. In the coming months . . . my goal is to clean things up and introduce to you the many new pieces that have been lovingly created in these past years. Let us know if we are meeting your needs. We will do our best to meet the requests and needs of all our friends and customers!
We prouldly feature over 4000 poems and verses that can be beautifully framed and matted . . .
and we are proud to offer thousands of original, copyrighted  poems written by
Margie Starke and Jill Fantin©
You will find that they are available only through us

Some will make you laugh . . .
some will make you cry . . . .

All are sure to touch your heart! ©

We find ourselves challenged by new requests and are constantly trying to fill each need by adding new pieces on a weekly basis.
The possibilities are endless!

Our customers have become our dear friends. It's a chain of love and friendship that keeps growing and growing. We are always glad to add new links to our chain and through each new contact . . . .we are blessed to see it grow!

Thanks so much for your interest . . . please stay in touch! ©

In the beginning . . . people brought poems  our way and with them . . . we produced our own expression of artwork. Our reasons for starting this business was to share joy. In a short time . . .
I connected with Jill Fantin and she began writing original poetry to add to our line. On occasion . . . beautiful words also began coming through me. We continue to use our own poetry© as well as poems from the past without knowing the source or origin for them. It is not our intention to infringe on the rights or ownership of the original authors. We are now donating the profits for these unknown works to our favorite charity and will remove them upon the authors request or will be glad to come to terms to obtain usage rights.