To my family for all your love and encouragement. My husband, Rick, who is my best friend and who has put up with me and my messes and chaos for 30 years. To my 4 kids . . . Erick who makes us proud for finishing a double major in 4 years, all while working 40 hours a week and now managing at Hugos Frog and fish Restaurant ( of Gibson Corp.) in Naperville, Il. For Megan who has shown her strength and independence and who we don't see enough because we are miles apart but is deeply engraved in our hearts, and makes us proud being a Dental Assistant in an office that she loves. To Kevin who is always ready to lend a hand and who continues to reach for his goals and who is chasing his dreams down in Florida, with his sister Megan ( Oh, how we miss them both!!!). . . To Tyler  who makes our family complete, and is beginning to look forward to a bright future with the football scholarship at Robert Morris university in Chicago he has worked so hard to earn. They are the love and  light of my life. They keep a smile on my face, and pride in my heart.
So as we continue to face new challenges and continue to grow 
they say. . .
"When the going gets tough . . . the tough get going!"

We've had our ups and downs but we're back on track and ready to move forward with this web-site!
So THANKS! Scott and Michael Mitchell ( and their great motivator, DiAnn ), Valerie Miller ( whose friendship of over 30 years has been there whenever I needed her and whose guidance with this website has been priceless!), Amy Feinhold, whose friendship has become a great support. It is to their credit that this web site can be.
Please understand . . . we are still under construction!
So stay in touch as we are constantly trying
to update it!

We've overcome obstacles in the past and we are determined to make it through these economic hurdles.

Special angels are in my life helping me keep it together. Thank God for KATRINA DUHOSKI, ( She gives her heart and soul and is there to help me at the shows, help organize my work space and encourages me and gives me confidence to move forward.) Thanks to Becky Wharrie and her photography talents and for making us look great.
To ALL of Rick's family in Florida . . . especailly his sister Sandra and Husband Bob who opened their hearts and home to our daughter Megan. And our niece Kathy,whose constant encouragement to me in this business has been a great inspiration. To her and ALL of the Klingler family for being there to guide in love our independant kids.

Thanks to Austin Dorn who is always there to help at the Craft Shows.
To Cathy Stefanich who truly keeps this business in order.

To the beginning times when love and support was surely needed, I'm grateful for the love of my parents, Chet and Peggy Soltys. I'll never forget the tremendous help of my cousin
Christine (who shines our stars brightly in heaven . . . . she is surely smiling at how we have grown!) For those who were there in the beginning . . . Cindy Kotynski, Maureen Martin, DeeDee Post, Dan Wenk,
God's gifted writer . . . Jill Fantin,
My instructors . . . Timothy Botts and Barbara Carlson . . .
To all of you who have been a special part. To customers who have become my dearest friends . . .I am forever grateful for your love and support and for letting us come into each other's world with that special



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